About Rottweilers for Sale

Rottweilers are one of the top 10 dog breeds in the United States, and it’s no wonder why. They are amazing guard dogs, super smart and easy to train. These high-energy dogs are great for active people who are looking for one dog to call their own. While they’re vigilant in protecting their home, they can be loving goofballs around their family. They’ve also found skills as guide and therapy dogs, making them a great dog for an experienced pup parent. For the right family, a Rottweiler means you’ll never lack a buddy for life’s adventures. Continue reading to learn more about Rottweilers for Sale.

Rottweilers for Sale

Rottweilers for Sale


Adorable and bouncy Rottweiler puppies grow up to be striking adults. Standing at 22–27 inches at the shoulder and weighing 80–135 pounds, these muscular dogs have massive heads, large frames and heavy bones. His medium-length coat is shiny, low-maintenance, and black with rust markings on his face, chest, and legs.

Rottweilers for Sale are born with long, curled tails, but you’ll often see adults with nothing but nubs on their backside. However, this practice of tail docking is controversial. Proponents argue docking a dog’s tail protects them from being injured at work; however, according to the American Veterinary Medical Association, this lacks substantial scientific support and the procedure is often done purely for cosmetic reasons.


Rottweilers have a short to medium length double coat that is straight and coarse. They shed only moderately but will shed more twice a year, during which time you will need to brush them more regularly to loosen hairs. 


Rottweilers for sale, like any dogs with a long history of being a working companion, prefer to have something to do. These are not dogs that will be happy to be left alone all day. They want to get out and explore the world with you, but because they can grow to be big, heavy dogs, make sure you invest in a proper-fitting harness and leash and spend ample time focusing on loose-leash walking from puppyhood into adulthood and beyond.

Rottweilers have big brains for those big heads, and their high intelligence means they love to be occupied with tasks and are wonderful partners in learning. Those who bring home a Rottweiler should be committed to providing daily learning opportunities and mental enrichment to ensure a healthy, happy dog. As with all dog breeds, Rottweilers respond well to consistent positive reinforcement training.

Clashing with their working dog history is their snuggle bug nature—Rottweilers make excellent family dogs, and when they are properly socialized to the movements and loud noises of kiddos, they can be gentle and loving around children. They also get along well with cats and other dogs if introduced in puppyhood.

Living Needs

While a fenced-in yard can help Rotties get the daily exercise they need, a yard isn’t a deal-breaker. A long walk every day goes a long way to making sure your Rottweiler is happy, healthy and getting proper exercise. What’s most important is that the dogs have something to do so they don’t become bored.

Along with walkies, Rotties love activities such as hiking, jogging, and swimming. And as working dogs with a long history of farm duties, they also excel at pulling carts, herding, tracking, and learning new tasks and skills.

They might look tough, but Rottweilers are actually quite sensitive and can suffer from separation anxiety just like any dog. If left alone for long periods of time, Rottweilers may bark, dig, or indulge in other undesirable behaviors to keep themselves busy. To save your yard from holes or your pillows from being shredded, make sure you aren’t away from your pup for extended periods of time.


The Rottweiler has a life expectancy of between 8 and 11 years.


These social dogs prefer companionship, be it humans or other pups. Because of the Rottie’s eagerness to learn, training tends to be fairly easy—especially when you utilize the power of positive reinforcement.

When it comes to grooming, Rottweilers are a fairly low-maintenance breed: All they need is a good brushing once a week and a bath every few weeks. They don’t shed much throughout the year, with the exception of a twice-a-year shedding season when that black and tan hair will seem to be everywhere. Aside from staying on top of their seasonal shedding, brush your dog’s teeth and trim his nails regularly to keep him healthy.
Rottweilers for sale


As with all breeds, Rottweilers for sale are prone to certain health conditions, including elbow and hip dysplasia; certain cancers including lymphoma, bone cancer, liver cancer, and spleen cancer; eye problems such as entropion and ectropion; and heart disease, according to The Rottweiler Club. Rotties also can gain weight easily, so exercise and proper nutrition are especially important.

Despite their powerful and strong appearance, the Rottweiler is a sweet and gentle pup that makes an excellent family dog. Playful and fun-loving, these dogs love their humans and get on very well with children. They do not have very high exercise needs although do need to be kept mentally stimulated and do not like to be left alone. Their intelligence means training and socializing should not be difficult, but patience is required to make sure they really understand. That being said, these dogs just want to please you and show you affection, so what’s not to love! Is a Rottweiler the pup for you? See our Rottweilers for Sale