Happy, Healthy Rottie Puppies for Sale

At Rottie Paradise, we believe in breeding the prettiest, healthiest, most unique Rottie Puppies for Sale in Kansas and the country at large. Ready to meet your new fur-ever friend?


rottie puppies for sale
Rotties for Sale

Rottie Paradise

We are one of the top Rottie Breeders in Kansas and breed happy, healthy Rotties—and we want you to feel confident in your choice when you bring your new fury family member home.

Rotties for Sale

Our available Rotties for Sale  are among the healthiest and best looking Rottweiler puppies you can find.

Rottie Puppy for Sale

We choose only the healthiest adults for breeding. As a result, Rottie Paradise’s puppies grow into thriving, gorgeous dogs.

Our Rotties Fly!

We fly our Rottie puppies anywhere in the USA. Looking for the best Rottie Puppy for Sale? Look no further.

Top Rottie Genetics

Paradise Rotties for Sale come from some of the best blood lines in the world.

Secure Payment Options

We accept fast and secure payment such as Zelle Payments as well as Cash App and other payment options.

Health Guarantee

All Paradise Rottie Puppies for Sale come with our 1 year health and genetic condition guarantee.

Rottie for Sale: Parents

We Think You Can Get One of Our Rottie Puppies for Sale

We Think One of Our Rotties for Sale Will Fit Your Needs. Ready to check which puppies are available? You can click the button to see all our available Rottie Puppies for Sale!